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TC Hoops University

TC Hoops University is training for athletes preparing to compete at all levels of play.

  • Recreational
  • Traveling
  • High School
  • AAU
  • College

TC Hoops has provided training to players at all these levels of play.

Mission Statement

To Inspire - Motivate - Educate our youth to excel through the mediums of
athletics and competition...
Focused on Intrinsic Motivation:
Greater Rewards and Fewer Disappointments result
when achieving for Self

The links below will guide you to a training program that will develop your game and facilitate in helping you take your game to another level of play.  Coach Coley will customize your workout specifically to your needs while allowing you to train in small group settings.  TC Hoops University offers private one-on-one lessons but Coach Coley highly encourages everyone he trains to partake in the small group training sessions as well.  The small groups that Coach Coley designs gives players individual instruction time but offers the value of sharpening those new tools provided but Coach Coley against some competitive training partners in a safe, riducule free, encouraging, training session.

Check out the options to the left and choose the program that best fits your training preference and LET'S GET TO WORK!!!

Private and Semi-Private Lesson conducted by Coach Tylor Coley

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