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Most people having been involved in athletics would agree to the notion that one's participation in sports can open the doors to many great opportunities.  Athletics can lead one down the road to numerous adventures, experiences, and teach a plethora of life lessons.  We know sports can help shape a person mentally and physically.  We want to our youth discover and encounter some of the those opportunities, adventures, and experiences.

Created in 1991, t.coley believed the premise that young people could benefit from making athletics a foundational building block of their lives.  Sports and its recreational and entertainment values play such a significant role in our society that t.coley believes it makes sense to promote the institution of SPORTS through a positive entity to enhance the benefits of being involved in athletics.  Striving to help all those who cross my path believe in themselves and fulfill their potential - maximizing  the belief and fulfillment of both entities.

our mission

To Inspire, Motivate, and Educate our youth to excel through the mediums athletics and competition...
Focused on Intrinsic Motivation: Greater Rewards and Fewer Disappointments result when achieving for Self

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a multi-faceted vision created to utilize a variety of the t.coley skill sets ...
tc hoops university & athletic activities
a high energy workout while learning all the basic concepts and techniques of the game of basketball and other sports activities
weekly television magazine - coming summer of 2020
a weekly online digital series chronicling the stories of some of our future stars as they journey through a world of athletics